All Saints Church turns to Religious Radicalism, to Stop Loosing Members

By Abdul Mukasa, 05 May 2017

The leaders of All Saints cathedral Nakasero, in Kampala City,  have set up a religious radicalism unit to address the problem of loosing big church offering contributors, to mushrooming fellowships and churches in Kampala, according to sources.

aill saints cathedralThe unit headed by Rev Canon Aaron Mwesigye is expected to conduct their business through a wide network of church members and sympathizers  in influential offices such as Presidents Office, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)  and publicize their propaganda against competitor churches with  the help of New Vision newspaper.

One bold move taken has been to draft a policy for regulating of faith and religious organisations in Uganda through the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity, where Rev Canoon Aaron Mwesigye is director for Religious Affairs. According to minutes of a meeting held at inter religious council (IRCU) offices in Mengo on 4th April 2017, with representatives of seven religious umbrella bodies, the proposed religious policy is meant to stop citizens from voluntarily moving from worshiping practices in traditional worship organisations to “mushrooming” churches and “strange” sects. The proposal seeks to limit people’s freedoms to worship and associate, by building a network of religious leaders, that will determine what people should believe and where they cannot go to worship because of the threat of “false” doctrine. Most clerics in attendance liked the idea of protecting their members from leaving their congregations, but did not agree with the proposal to share their books of accounts.

Sources close to the church said that All Saints church hatched this strategy when five (5) of the biggest financiers/donors of the incomplete New cathedral building near Hilton Hotel were reported to have left All saints church to join Synagogue church of Prophet Kakande and Phaneroo Church lead by Apostle Grace. Efforts to raise funds to resume construction works have failed in last 3 years, in just the same way as efforts to wow the renegade parishioners to return to All saints church have failed. The Cathedral situated next to State House on Nakasero Hill has since hired an in-house prophet who speaks during church services, as a measure to prevent more members from leaving in search for prophetic miracles in  other churches.

When asked about this matter Rev Aaron says that they are simply concerned about the confused parishioners who are being confused by false doctrine of ” the grace of God” and miracle promises by competitor churches. He is determined to use his office at the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity, to fight back at churches who have stolen their members, especially the rich businessmen. His office has therefore in effect conspired with the Inter Religious council to mobilize religious leaders against selected pastors and prophets of these competitive churches, seeking for a way to legitimize their  radical plan of shutting down the churches responsible for reducing their offertory collections and taking a significant part of their market share in Kampala city. In his article to the New vision 26th April 2017, he concludes by saying “...we are experiencing pluralism and relativism, from all corners…., we need to develop a radical non-conformity attitude against new ways of doing things, in order to protect our heritage and spiritual identity“.

Many members of All saints cathedral, are well placed officers in government offices including Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). Other churches have joined in to Support this movement including Deliverance Church,  Pastor Sserwada’s Victory Church Ndeba and Bishop Joshua Lwere of National Fellowship of Pentecostal Churches. This plan is already yielding results such as  Engineer Mutabazi, the Executive Director of UCC, being a member of the cathedral has already instructed that UCC issue a directive preventing churches from advertising and preaching about miracles. Many people have been reported to have left All Saints church in search for miracles, signs and wonders. The KCCA Executive Director has also issued a public notice ordering the removal of street preachers from the city of Kampala. These street preachers have been alleged to be stealing unsuspecting business men in Kampala to leave All saints church and join some of the born – again churches.

Having failed to find any legal justification to accuse the churches that took their “rich” members, they are hoping to succeed in getting Cabinet to approve this proposed Policy to Regulate religious organizations, allowing them to register members of churches and mosques to monitor believers who change from one place to another. However, Article 29(1)c of the Constitution, protects the freedom of worship and conscious  for all citizens and also the NGO Act 2016 mandates the ministry of internal affairs to regulate faith-based organizations as non governmental organizations without religious prejudice. These religious battles should no longer continue in government offices, because other religions are likely to suffer, just like how the moslems have been suffering from police persecutions, when mosques were being raided and arresting of innocent Moslems.


Author: abdulmukasa

Accountant and writer in Kampala.

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